VidMatrix Review – The ONLY Video Builder And Marketing Software You’re Ever Going To Need!

VidMatrix Review – The ONLY Video Builder And Marketing Software You’re Ever Going To Need!

VidMatrix is an AMAZING product by Mario Brown and his partner Ifiok Nkem. The name Mario Brown does not sound strange to you. He is a famous marketing guru, an inspirational speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and a bestselling author. If you want to find more information about him, Google can help. Mario has a lot of experience in developing tools for marketers. Some of his products are SociCake, PageBuilder, Auto Webinar X, Videlligence 2.0, InstaStories 2.0, etc. The following part of my VidMatrix Review is going to focus on its functionalities.

Imagine all the best video platforms all inside of one dashboard. Creating animated logos, kinetic videos, live animated videos, slideshow videos & the list goes on. All inside of one platform for a one-time investment! That’s where VidMatrix comes into play. Do you know SociCake – The All-in-One Facebook Marketing Suite (bringing 10 different softwares into ONE single platform)? Yes, VidMatrix is the SociCake of Video Marketing. It is a completely cloud based software. You can access your designs and videos and make changes to them from wherever you want, using any device that has an Internet Connection. In the details, VidMatrix is a pack of FIVE different and highly sophisticated Video Builder software… accessible from a SINGLE dashboard. And before that makes you both happy and anxious, let me assure you – you’re going to pay only for ONE.

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VidMatrix Review – The ONLY Video Builder And Marketing Software You’re Ever Going To Need!

VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review

VidMatrix Review Overview

VidMatrix Review

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VidMatrix Review – The ONLY Video Builder And Marketing Software You’re Ever Going To Need!

Why should you be getting this Vidmatrix?

It is simple!

  • With VidMatrix – there’s no dashboard-hopping (read: no headaches as everything accessible from a single dashboard)
  • You’re getting the Commercial License at no extra cost… something that none of the above tools offer. There is no limits on the amount of money that is there to be made by selling these logos and videos as a service to Local Businesses for a premium fee.
  • You won’t be paying the $1.997/year or $215/month. If you act now…you’ll be getting access to VidMatrix at a one-time lowest price ever.

For an extremely limited period of time, the creators are offing access to the vidmatrix commercial license as part of the basic offer i.e. without the need to upgrade to the pro-level.
Make sure you grab this opportunity with both hands (use you feet to if you have to)… but don’t let this slip away.
Begin 2019 with a blast and a new side venture that has the prospect of turning into something even bigger than your present venture.

VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review
VidMatrix Review

VidMatrix Advantages

  • 5-in-1 Cloud Based Video Builder Software
  • In-Built Copyright Free Music Library
  • 50+ Professionally Designed Templates
  • No Experience Or Skills Required – Technical or Designing
  • Print-N-Click Easy. Your Dependency On Freelancers Stops TODAY
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: Commercial License Included WITHOUT Upgrading

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VidMatrix Review – The ONLY Video Builder And Marketing Software You’re Ever Going To Need!

The Key Features Of Video Matrix?

With Video Matrix, 5 different Video building and marketing software are accessible from a SINGLE dashboard and work seamlessly to help you create and sell stunning videos.

Let’s take a look at what you will get inside the package:

  • Create 2D logo Intros, 3D Logos, Animated Logo, Whiteboard Logos, Colourful Logos
    There’s hardly a limit that you can place on the importance of stunning logos you need (or for that matter any other business needs).
    Yes… VidMatrix helps you turn a once ‘headache giving task’ to an ‘instant money-making machine’ by selling it for whatever price you want and making a quick, easy and massive ROI.
    Now is the perfect time to start a Video Marketing and Logo Designing company as a side-hustle… with the included Commercial License
    There is a wide range of price you can charge Local business for such logos and videos. Sell it as a bundle for a monthly recurring fee or charge a flat fee per logo. We are talking anywhere between $50 – $500 here.
  • 50+ Templates To help You Get Started Right Now
    Professionally designed templates help you create stunning and jaw-dropping 2D logo Intros, 3D Logos, Animated Logo, Whiteboard Logos, Colourful Logos, Live Mockups, Slideshows and Promos.
    The Business Owner in you would recognise the amount of savings you can make here: Each of these templates will cost you anywhere between $45 to $300…
    And the Entrepreneur and Marketer in you will not fail to see the opportunity here: But With VidMatrix Commercial License you can turn these very prices from EXPENSES to INCOME by selling these as a service instead of buying them at such platforms (like Fiverr)
  • In-Built Music Library (Royalty-Free Background Music)
    It’s painful to see your video being blocked or worst…you being asked to take it down because of a copyright strike. Choose the music files directly from the massive VidMatrix library of thousands of soundtracks for a hassle-free video creation experience.
    And oh yes… in case you’ve been buying these soundtracks or were thinking of doing so – here are the numbers… just for the record:
  • Create Amazing Live Mock ups
    Remember how businesses would invest in branding office stationary with their designs and giving these away to customers and prospective clients as freebies…just to stay at the top of their minds…
    Live Mock Ups serve the same purpose online today. Stop shelling out money like this for these and start making that instead for yourself with minimal effort (we are talking in ‘seconds’ here).
  • Stunning Slideshows And Promos
    Why spend half a grand-dollars for something that you can create in minutes without running after “Creative” Freelancers (Spoil-alert: They are not Creative – they just use multiple tools like the ones that are ALL included in Vidmatrix – to do what YOU can now do with just one tool)
    Join the ranks of these elite freelancers today with the Commercial License included in this special LIMITED TIME offer.
    I have paid astronomical amounts for such videos in the past. But NOW it’s time to turn the table…and start charging the same amounts and more for creating Slideshow and Promo videos for Local Businesses.

How Does VidMatrix Work?

Here are 3 simple steps to create and sell logos and videos for whatever price you want… using 5 different software – all accessible from a single dashboard

  • STEP 1: Edit The Template
    Choose any one of our 50+ templates spread over different categories and get a head-start. Or start with a blank canvas.
  • STEP 2: Choose The Music
    Free music without any copyright restrictions can be added from in-built library.
  • STEP 3: Hit Render
    Hit the render button and sit back and relax while we bring your imagination to reality.

VidMatrix Review

Related OTO Upsell:

  • Front-end – VidMatrix Personal
    FIVE Video Builder Solutions For The Price of ONE
  • OTO #1 – VidMatrix Platinum Template Package Upgrade OTO
    You will get access to a new high converting video templates. This allow you to use more and more video for your business, drive more traffic, and generate more views.
    If you take action right now you get these 40 templates instantly & automatically installed into your vidmatrix software. Meaning you get an extra 40 high converting, tested, brand new & stunning video templates delivered right into your dashboard… without ever having to pay a monthly fee whatsoever.
    More explainer videos, more slideshow videos, more live action videos, more logo videos. You’ll be able to run more ads, mix up your ads, generate more traffic or create more videos for your business & your clients
  • OTO #2 – VidMatrix PRO Version
    You will get more features and benefits with PRO Upgrade.

    • A brand new video builder for social videos
    • A sophisticated image editor to create powerful images to use inside your videos
    • An additional 50000 royalty free images for your videos and your video editor
    • Social sharing capability: you can now share your videos directly to facebook or youtube
    • An extra 20 brand new music tracks
    • With the pro account, you are getting prioritized renders
  • OTO #3 – VidMatrix White Label Upgrade OTO
    For the first time ever they are offering white label rights with a full white label license… for one crazy low price.

    • Upload your own custom logo
    • Customize the colors to match your brand
    • Your very own custom domain

    You keep all the profits. You make a sale, all the money goes to you. You can charge a one-time fee or you can charge and recurring fee and that way build your continuity income.
    No link back to the creators, your customers will never know they exist. And if you bought the pro version, your customer also get access to the pro version.
    The creators even provide the customer support for your customer if you like. Full product support… You will get access to all upgrades and updates as they actively maintain VidMatrix.
    You are getting complete white label access to all 5 vidmatrix platforms & they all have mass-appeal. They’re easy to sell.

  • OTO #4 – VidMatrix DFY Website Packages Upgrade OTO

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VidMatrix Review – The ONLY Video Builder And Marketing Software You’re Ever Going To Need!

VidMatrix is very very professional product and best choice for you. I hope that all of the information in my VidMatrix Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success. Grab VidMatrix Now!

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