The Appointment Generator TAG Review – The L.E.A.D. Blueprint LinkedSelling clients use for major ROI (not for everyone)

The Appointment Generator TAG Review – The L.E.A.D. Blueprint LinkedSelling clients use for major ROI (not for everyone)

The Appointment Generator TAG is an AMAZING product by Josh Turner. The Appointment Generator TAG is a step-by-step training program created by Josh Turner. It has the main goal of taking you from being an unknown or under-earning service provider to a highly paid expert who never lacks the needed clients. It enables you to get as many appointments and clients as you need on a consistent basis… This is done by building a system using an integrated approach with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email that guarantees you don’t face the frustration of cash flow defects anytime from now on. This, in turn, will stop the worry and stress of finding new prospects and booking appointments. Instead, you’ll be confident, in control and relaxed (you may even hire a team to help you fulfill all the clients you’ll have if you want.) This is not a get-rich-quick scam or anything like this. It needs real work from your side to get this consistent stream of happy leads and clients.

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The Appointment Generator Review – The L.E.A.D. Blueprint LinkedSelling clients use for major ROI (not for everyone)

The Appointment Generator Review
The Appointment Generator Review

The Appointment Generator TAG Review Overview

The Appointment Generator Review
The Appointment Generator Review

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The Appointment Generator Review – The L.E.A.D. Blueprint LinkedSelling clients use for major ROI (not for everyone)

The Appointment Generator Review
The Appointment Generator Review
The Appointment Generator TAG Review
The Appointment Generator TAG Review
The Appointment Generator TAG Review
The Appointment Generator TAG Review

What do you get as a member of The Appointment Generator TAG?

The Appointment Generator TAG is a complete package that has what it takes to teach you how to build a system that gets you appointments, leads, and clients each month.
Let’s have a deeper look at the components of this program…

The Core Modules

This is the step-by-step training where Josh teaches you the entire system. It’s delivered in a video format which is available immediately once you make your purchase.
The training is divided into 5 modules; each module is divided into lessons where every lesson is a video with the supporting PDF workbooks for that lesson.
At the end of every lesson, you have a simple quiz that you need to answer to get access to the next video. This is to make sure you’ve gone through every step and have digested it.

  • Module 1 – Putting Your Foundation in Place
    In this 5-lesson module, you’ll learn…

    • How to discover their major pain points
    • How to create a top-of-mind campaign where you establish yourself as an authority
    • How to create your ideal prospect profile (avatar)
    • Where to find your prospects
    • The perfect way to optimize your profile
  • Module 2 – Your Leadership Platform
    In this 9-lesson module, you’ll learn…

    • How to build your authority in your market
    • The difference between LinkedIn and Facebook groups
    • How to identify and communicate with your targeted prospects
    • How to create your LinkedIn & Facebook groups and prepare the necessary messages
    • Launching both groups and manage them properly
  • Module 3 – Building Your Database of Prospects
    In this 3-lesson module, you’ll learn…

    • How to identify the hot prospects and eliminate the cold ones
    • Starting the conversation with the ideal prospects on Facebook
    • How to use a LinkedIn advanced search strategy to find hidden opportunities
    • Building your database in a short time
  • Module 4 – Your Messaging Machine & Email Blueprint
    In this module, you’ll learn…

    • How to create a spreadsheet to track your campaigns
    • Sending messages quickly and efficiently
    • How to set up and run automated email campaigns
    • How to create a messaging campaign playbook
    • Building a relationship with your prospects to establish yourself as a good guy
    • Scripts and swipe copy for different scenarios and campaigns
    • Scriptwriting best practices
    • Email scripts
    • How to track your email campaigns
  • Module 5 – Turning Appointments into Sales
    In this last module, you’ll learn…

    • How to turn the first call into a sales call
    • How to turn strategy sessions into sales
    • Approaching strategic partnerships
    • Setting up a task manager and a schedule for the ongoing work using the TAG system

These are the 5 core modules of the program, and when you order today, you’ll get lifetime access to them…

To sum up the TWO hour webinar in a nutshell, here is what you’ll learn:

  1. Josh Turner created LinkedIn University and The Appointment Generator Program that is opening to the public on Friday.
  2. The Appointment Generator Coaching Course comes with 10 full time coaches that you have access to.
  3. The Appointment Generator program works off of the 5 Pillars of Success that Josh Turner has explained in his Amazon Best Seller: “Booked”
  4. The Appointment Generator Coaching Course has helped countless people grow their leads and even comes with a guarantee that it will work, as long as you do.
  5. There is homework in The Appointment Generator Course.
  6. The Appointment Generator Course costs $1997.00
  7. Josh wants to make babies and has a dog named Oscar.

Will The Appointment Generator TAG work in your niche?

It is for coaches, holistic practitioners, consultants, healers, real estate agents, marketing agencies, financial advisors and many more; it’s virtually for every business with service.
Notice that I didn’t mention a particular niche before every professional service listed above.
It works for all types of coaches and consultants regardless of the niche.
You got the idea…
The bottom line is that TAG works with those types of services in nearly any niche.

As a member of The Appointment Generator TAG program, you’ll also get…

  • 6-Month License to The Connect 365 Automation Software
    This software enables you to automate your follow-up and ongoing messaging. It will keep your business in front of your BEST prospects month-after-month-after-month.
    Added bonus: When you pay the entire tuition fees today, you’ll get 12-month access instead of 6 (and you’ll even save $385 as well.)
  • Full LIFETIME access to The TAG Implementation Support Community
    In this community, you can connect with elite business owners, get all your questions answered, and overcome any obstacles along the way.
    This includes 24/7 LIFETIME access to personal support from Josh team of implementation specialists. So you’ll have access to all the help you need…no matter how long you need it.
  • Connect 365 Automated Warm Email Blueprint (Training Library)
    Learn how to take advantage of your free Connect 365 license, write engaging emails, and build a list of your top prospects, plus other content that is exclusive to Members Only.

And you’ll also receive these bonuses…

  • The Appointment Generator TAG Implementation Bootcamp and Live Coaching Sessions
    8 full weeks of live coaching calls, working through each of the modules in the program to ensure that you actually implement the system successfully.
    In a matter of weeks, you’ll start to see a steady stream of high-quality leads you can count on…
    This is the way that Josh and his team make sure you implement the system because they guarantee results, so they can’t let you fail
  • Sales Conversion Mastery Sales Process Training
    This training is important because after you get your leads, you need to know how to close them. Josh has sold access to this premium program for $4,000 per seat, to an exclusive group of business owners just this last Fall. But you don’t pay even a penny for it.
  • A 1-on-1 Post Launch Strategy Call with one of our Client Strategists
    After you’ve had a chance to go through the Bootcamp and get things up and running, you can access an invaluable service: a 1-on-1 strategy call.
    This is a strategy call where you’ll speak with a member of Josh team – a true expert at setting this system up – who will look at the messaging, the emails, and everything else you’ve set up and they will help you OPTIMIZE it.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Appointment Generator TAG

  • Does TAG work for newbies?
    Yes, it is newbie-friendly. You will learn everything you need from scratch. So anyone can apply the system even if you are new to the online business world.
  • How much money do I need to implement the system?
    This is the best part
    Unlike other programs that force you to spend a fortune on advertising or content creation, Josh has created TAG to work without the need to spend money on advertising.
    You even can do it without creating your own content if you like, and still, build your authority.
    Facebook and LinkedIn are free to join for everybody
    The only thing you might need is an email service provider that can be as low as $10 per month.
    You can even hold the calls on Skype if you want or get better software for a few bucks to be more professional.
    So as you see, it is the lowest amount of money you’ll spend to succeed compared to any similar program.
  • When will I see results?
    It depends on you really. The training and everything you need is there in the membership area.
    if you go fast enough, you can start getting appointments within a couple of weeks or so.
    And you can also go at your own pace if you are too busy these days.
  • Can I use it in my country?
    Definitely yes, anyone at any place can use the system and apply it whether you offer global online services or local services.
    The principle is simple. All people all over the world care only about the end results. So if you can give them what they want, they will happily pay you.
  • Is The Appointment Generator TAG Different from Linked Selling?
    I know you’ve heard many of the case studies on the official website of TAG mention that Linked Selling has changed their lives. I’ve heard that too!
    In fact, TAG is the new updated version of Linked Selling, and while it uses a similar idea, the approach is different, so it needed a new name.
    The Appointment Generator TAG approach utilizes the power of LinkedIn, Facebook and Email, so it’s not fair to keep the old name which implies the utilization of LinkedIn alone.
  • Is The Appointment Generator TAG open forever?
    No, registration for The Appointment Generator TAG by Josh Turner is open only until 11:59 PM on Wednesday 20 February 2019.
    This is why you need to act fast, or you’ll continue to waste the profits you deserve.

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The Appointment Generator Review – The L.E.A.D. Blueprint LinkedSelling clients use for major ROI (not for everyone)

The Appointment Generator TAG is very very professional product and best choice for you. I hope that all of the information in my The Appointment Generator TAG Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. If you’re ready to start making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button below before the price rises. I am look forward to seeing your success. Grab The Appointment Generator TAG Now!

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