Touch & Go - fanzinefaves

Lansing, MI
1979 - 1983

And touched it was, thanks to the toilet humor of one Bob Vermeulen (a/k/a Tesco Vee) and the missives of one Dave Stimson (a/k/a The Iceman). While the fanzine is a stand-alone punk rock institution, its evolution into a label puts Touch & Go into the all-time greats category. In 2010, Bazillion Points issued an anthology of all the issues with excellent intros and background; though touted as "complete", noticeably absent are Brian Pollock's hilarious Meatmen comics. For reasons that remain inscrutable and despite being offered a princely sum, the artist refused permission for re-publication. All the more reason to hunt down originals! Fair warning... assembling a complete run is diabolically difficult. Only thanks to the brothers Stimson was I able to finally fill in some vexing issue numbers. 

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June 1981