Sluggo - fanzinefaves

Austin, TX
1979 - 1981

The brainchild of affable provocateur Nick Modern née Nick West, Sluggo invariably rates as a favorite among fanzine freaks. Utilizing a meaty Multilith 1250 press and spazzed-out ink and paper color combos, Nick and company tapped a deep reservoir of creativity and ire and humor and put together some real masterpieces. Note that the issues above are ordered chronologically rather than by their delightfully confusing issue numbers. The March 1979 issue includes individually decorated covers... no two alike!  The spiral bound Unco Violence issue also has dozens of different, beautiful color copy process covers. The last issue emerged after a move from Austin to San Francisco. This swan song includes a boardgame Rocky VII , the Game of Industrial Collapse and was issued with four different silkscreened velvet covers. Also of note in this 1981 finale: a full-page ad for the Fuck Your Wife "death tape" from a San Antonio outfit calling themselves the Butthole Surfers.

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February 1979