Noize - fanzinefaves

Portland, OR
1977 - 1979

The world is indeed lucky to have 13 issues of this pioneering Portland fanzine, a rag that seemed to get better with each issue. Contributor Brian Lee (a/k/a Larry Lead) writes: "Noize started as Rozz Rezabek's gag. #1 came out before Portland's first local punk show September '77 featuring three bands: Noize (a Rozz one-shot that broke up the following week) plus Feelings and Mentors from Seattle. By #4 Rozz was in SF doing Negative Trend and that's when Fred took over and got me and others involved. One thing you notice is local PDX bands don't appear on the cover much. Noize was pretty much a review of road bands coming thru town: Iggy, Ramones, Queen, Costello, Lewd, etc. Along with record reviews & local gossip etc." 

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December 1978